Number of Homes on the Market Sky-Rocketing

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The number of homes around the area that are on the market is incredible. Everywhere you look there are, “For Sale,” signs. This is allowing for first time home buyers to have more to choose from, hopefully this trend will lead us to better economic times ahead.


First Time Home Buyers in Luck

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With a slow real estate market, first time home buyers are being given more inventory to choose from, but also leaving more houses on the market for a longer amount of time. Find out the keys to selling a home here.

Final Overview

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This season might not have ended the exact way that us Tiger fans may have wanted with the Tigers losing in the CAA Championship to Delaware. However, it was still a great year. Check out my overview page to see all the stories, videos, pictures, and slideshows from the 2010 Towson Men’s Lacrosse Season.

New Video

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Check out my new video that shows some things that the Towson players might do on a normal practice day.

FAQ: Towson Men’s Lacrosse

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1. Has Towson ever been to a National Championship?

Yes, the team was in the 1991 National Championship in Syracuse, NY. The team played the top ranked North Carolina Tar Heels, and lost their first National Championship appearance 18-13. The Tigers have not returned to the final four since that year.

2. Who are the coaches?

Tony Seaman is the head coach, and Shawn Nadelen and Michael Allan are the assistants. Seaman has coached at C.W. Post, Penn, Johns Hopkins and now Towson. He was also a player at Cortland State University in New York. Nadelen is a native of Rochester, NY. He attended Johns Hopkins University, and has only coached for the Tigers. Nadelen is also on the United States world team. Allan is a graduate of Princeton University. As a player he won two National Championships under Hall of Fame coach Bill Tierany. He has coached at UC Santa Barbara, and now with the Tigers.

3. Is Towson competitive with the big universities when it comes to lacrosse?

Yes, the Tiger’s have not only one of the biggest stadium facilities in Division I, but due to the rising excellence in the school’s academics, it is beginning to compete with larger universities when it comes to recruiting. Also just two years ago the Tiger’s had the number nine ranked recruiting class in the country, and play the second hardest schedule in the nation.

4. Why play the second hardest schedule in the nation?

Tony Seaman has always been known to be the type of coach who plays they best. He has said to the team, and myself many times before that you cannot be seen as one of the best teams, if you never play what is considered the best teams.

5. Is it true the Tiger’s host the National Championship this year?

Well, it is true that one Tiger’s team will be hosting the National Championship. The women’s National Championship will be held at Johnny Unitas Stadium. For those of you who thought the men were hosting are not completely wrong either, however. Loyola, Johns Hopkins, UMBC and Towson will all host the Men’s Division I semifinals, Division II Championship, Division III Championship, and the Division I Championship. The four schools have combined efforts to create the best atmosphere for Championship weekend at M&T Bank Stadium in Downtown Baltimore.

Bring on the Conference Tourney

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The Tiger’s will play in the semifinals of the CAA tournament tonight, so I saw it fitting to wait until the day of to write this post and give my opinion on how the team will do against the UMASS Minutemen. This is the first time the Tiger’s have been seeded number one in the CAA tournament since the 2005 season, and have to win the conference if they want to make it to the National Tournament.

The Tiger’s upset UMASS in Amherst one month ago, a game that was part of a five game winning streak. The question is do I really believe that it was a fluke, or that the Tiger’s have lost their momentum following two end of season losses against Johns Hopkins and Hofstra? Well I do not think that the Tiger’s are out of it. The CAA is where the team flourished, only losing one conference game to Hofstra who did not even make the conference tournament, so it has all been done before.

UMASS will definitely have a revenge factor going into this game, but the fact that the Tiger’s have the home-field advantage accounts for more in my opinion. I am surely not saying this will be a blow out in any way. In fact I could see the Tiger’s having to come from behind. But, in the end I do believe that the Tigers will squeak out a one goal victory, 9-8 vs the Minutemen.

The biggest factor in my choice has to be home-field advantage. Last year vs Drexel in the CAA semifinals the teams were very evenly matched, however the Tiger’s had home-field advantage, and dominated the Dragons, so I have no reason to see that it would turn out any differently. The winner of this game will take on the winner of the Drexel vs Delaware game on Saturday.

Cinderella Story

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With the CAA tournament starting now, see how the Tiger’s made the turn around from 1-5, to the number one seed going into the conference tournament.